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Enabling Access to ERP Technology

Are you a cognitive neuroscientist looking to improve or increase your ability to conduct research with objective outcome measures? 
This course includes:

The NeuroCatch® Platform, an objective point-of-care measure of cognition that is conducted in 6 minutes, offers researchers a “brain lab in a box” approach to conduct ERP-based research in an efficient manner without the need for resource-heavy data analysis that other evaluation methods require. 

By measuring event-related potentials (ERPs) through an auditory stimulus consisting of oddball tones and congruent/incongruent word pairs, these elicited responses measured by NeuroCatch® provide objective insights into cognitive processing, which are more sensitive in detecting changes in cognition than traditional methods (i.e., the MoCA, SAGE, and others). 

Learning Objectives: 

  • Learn about the brain vital signs framework and the NeuroCatch® cognitive assessment platform 
  • Discuss how a rapid 6-minute objective test of cognitive processing is enhancing research methods in cognitive neuroscience 
  • Gain insights into how NeuroCatch® is currently being deployed in research across North America 

Integrating Neuro-Technologies into Clinical Rehab Practice 

The integration of novel technologies into clinical practice remains a major challenge for health organizations. However, the benefits of adoption are profound. 

The Surrey Neuroplasticity Clinic (SNPC) is an out-patient clinic that is at the forefront of emerging neurotechnologies. With a focus on outpatient brain health and performance, the clinic has successfully adopted various clinically validated technologies including NeuroCatch®, PoNS™, Myndlift, and neurofeedback. 

Learning Objectives: 

  • Understand the benefits of incorporating clinically validated neuro-technologies into your clinical practice 
  • Describe how neuro-technologies can be integrated into current workflows 
  • Learn how NeuroCatch®, PoNS™, Myndlift, and neurofeedback are being used in clinic to improve outcomes 

Optimizing Brain Performance with Physical Therapy & Neuromodulation

Non-invasive neuromodulation via translingual neurostimulation has been shown to improve neuroplasticity, especially when paired with physical therapy.

With the ability to objectively measure cognitive changes using the NeuroCatch® Platform, researchers at KITE Research Institute and BrainNET are able to demonstrate objective evidence of improved cognition and attention in patients with conditions of TBI, stroke, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis and others. 

Learning Objectives: 

  • Understand the intervention protocols and patient results associated with real-world cases 
  • Learn how neuromodulation and NeuroCatch® technologies allow researchers to intervene and measure significant changes in cognition 
  • Explore future upcoming research opportunities in the Toronto and Vancouver areas through KITE Research Institute and HealthTech Connex 

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