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The NeuroCatch® Platform

The NeuroCatch® Platform is an industry-leading medical device that offers an objective evaluation of cognitive function, which is delivered in minutes at the point of care. The results of the NeuroCatch® scan provide you with objective measurements of specific brain functions of your client. These measurements can be used to help identify areas for improvement, customize your client’s treatment plan or journey to recovery, and to understand how your client’s brain function is today. Licensed by Health Canada as a Class II medical device and registered with the U.S. Food & Drug Administration, NeuroCatch® is easy to use, cost-effective and readily accessible to healthcare practitioners, researchers and peak performers in Canada, the US and beyond.

PoNS Therapy

PoNS™ (short for Portable Neuromodulation Stimulator) is an innovative, non-surgical medical device that gently stimulates the surface of the tongue, exciting the neural network flowing to the brain. This neural activity is believed to enable neuroplasticity, which may restore lost function. In conjunction with targeted therapeutic activities, the PoNS™ has the potential to restore balance in individuals with chronic balance deficit due to a mild or moderate traumatic brain injury or concussion, and gait in individuals with gait deficit due to mild to moderate symptoms of multiple sclerosis. PoNS Therapy™ is a comprehensive 14-week program that combines in-clinic and in-home use of the PoNS™ device guided by a Certified PoNS™ Trainer.

The Shiftwave System

Shiftwave is a breakthrough Nervous System Training Technology delivering mental and physical restoration and optimization at the touch of a button. Shiftwave applies pulsed pressure waves to the body, restoring users to optimal readiness, rebalancing the nervous systems, and reducing pain. Based on billions of data points taken at the Shiftwave Institute, protocols use specific patterns and frequencies of pulsed pressure waves to guide both body and mind to optimal states. Protocols help improve fluid flow, autonomic tone, and neural activity. By synchronizing blood, lymph, and neural signals, the body’s ability to heal itself emerges.

Muse Headband & Myndlift Neurofeedback System

Level up your practice with neurofeedback. Add Myndlift’s neurofeedback to make your program holistic and accelerate progress. Neurofeedback teaches the individual’s brain to regulate their brainwaves so that they can achieve the desired brainwave state. Inhibiting certain brainwave frequencies and enhancing others is usually done by placing electrodes on the scalp and then providing immediate feedback about the brain’s activity. This awareness makes it possible to gradually recondition brain activity in order to achieve optimal brain performance.

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