Why Join Brainnovation Network

Brainnovation Network connects innovation with practice. This gives you, as healthcare providers, the opportunity to embed validated advances in assessment and treatment approaches into your clinic. We can equip you with the skills, training and tools to become a world-class brain health centre.

Why Join Brainnovation Network

What are the wins for you as part of the HealthTech Connex Brainnovation Network?

Exposure as a Brainnovation Network partner via HTC website and social channels

Increase marketing efforts for your clinic and drive cross-referrals. We are serious about advancing the standard of care and supporting all our members.

Access to affordable tech innovations at HTC

Because of the large amount of research we do at HTC, we are able to provide price breaks or early access to research via the clinical trials process.

Incredible, lifechanging success stories

Some of the neuro-technologies that we use are truly ground-breaking, and many clients who we have helped have been everywhere without success before coming to us. The Google reviews for our Surrey Neuroplasticity Clinic have been stellar with countless heartwarming accounts. Your team can be part of those incredible stories.

Affiliation with a world-class research team

The Centre for Neurology Studies works with notable research partners including Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, Cornell, Sanford and many others. Your patients may qualify to participate in a trial, accessing free or subsidized care. Staff can also participate in  research projects and clinical trials to benefit from insights and knowledge gained from subject-matter experts. We are happy to provide training to your clinicians.

Team Collaboration and access to brain-health clinicians and programs at HTC

Gain knowledge and support and grow with us! We are happy to include you in the multitude of services that we host at the Surrey Neuroplasticity Clinic, as well as offer access to our NeuroCatch® clinical rounds and experienced faculty members  We love to collaborate, brainstorm, and create new programs alongside our partners.

Differentiation from your competitors

In our Brainnovation Network, you can showcase your innovation mindset and create your own innovation projects alongside HTC. This sets you apart from your competitors.

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